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New Directions

I have found, and not for nothing, that irregardless of what I do, at the end of the day, it is what it is and surprisingly, retirement hasn’t changed this concept much.

Louise says I’m between jobs. I know I’ve always been between jobs. When I had long-term jobs (lasting longer than two years), I was between that job and the next one. After college, when I started working “full time”, my career path lasted three years; two years in one state (teaching) and one year in another (also teaching).  I’ve had two jobs which lasted a day or less. Once when I had a really long-term job (eight years constructing) it was made up of lots of short-term jobs (five months each, constructing in many different states). Another time, I actually had a career-type job for six years, but changed positions four times (collector and repo man, head of collections, loan officer, and assistant vice president). I really liked owning a motel for nine years, but that wasn’t really a job so it doesn’t count.

I guess, to be honest, I tend to get tired of the status quo. I like to mix things up some; a “change-is-good” type attitude. Venture forth on new adventures.

Or I can stay in bed. Louise really doesn’t like it when I stay in bed.

End of the trip

Staying in bed has its advantages though. I think clearly while lying in bed. Many quirky ideas are developed while on the edge of a dream, in the middle of the bed…alone. Some of these ideas even have merit. My methods for leaving most of my jobs have been outlined in my head while in bed; planning for new jobs has also been done while on the edge of sleep. I find it easier to clear my mind in bed, while not being burdened with the necessity of thinking about other things, like leaving a job or getting a new one. Being in bed is less stressful than working.  Eventually, I get a good idea and can’t wait to do something about it…so I get up.

Once upon a time when I attended a business management seminar, Professor Earl Brooks, then of Cornell University said, “There is nothing wrong with a half-baked idea…as long as it’s still cooking”. I keep this concept close to my heart.

Lots of half-baked ideas come about while still in bed near the edge of sleep, while on the edge of a dream.

Today for example, my idea was to buy all our condos; all twenty-eight of them. If I pay $350,000 for each, renovate, make them an exclusive “gated” community and sell each for $500,000, after expenses I could net $3.8 million. Louise just rolled her eyes with that “what…are you out of your mind” kind of look. The “something getting in my way” of course, is the $9.8 million I need to buy them in the first place.

All of which led to another fleeting thought; when buying a house (or condo), always have at least one bathtub; never buy a place with just showers; you never know when you’ll need a sits-bath for your hemorrhoids.

And of course, a bar is everyone’s good idea of a job. Mine would have good hours; 1pm-1am, maybe three or four days a week; no food (well maybe just burgers so we don’t have to go out for lunch; I would have to hire someone to cook them though). Maybe in the islands or in Florida…somewhere where “the weather’s hot, the drinks are cold and we don’t know the players” (per Sonny Crockett: Miami Vice).

A party boat charter has crossed my mind (no fishing); but I would need another captain since I would want to be part of the party.

So, I’m heading back to the islands; maybe the vacated settlement on Salt Island, just to contemplate what the demise of Autley was and what has become of his good friend Calvin Smith who created his memorial; maybe I’ll “live in the islands, fishing the highlands and drink my Green Label each day” as suggested by J. Buffett…and be perfectly happy writing.

Autley on Salt Island

Then later I’ll write: “Alas my dear friends, you may take pleasure in knowing that I am no longer just kicking back on the island, this tiny spit of sand and scrub. I am venturing forth to a larger island, a larger spit of sand and scrub…one with a liquor store; I’ve run out of Green Label”.

My Motivational Inspiration

I am motivated to write by the fact that, after each short story is completed, I reward myself with “just one short shot” of Jameson Irish Whiskey (I do the same thing when I perform weddings).  This is one of the reasons I wish to become prolific in my writing (and my performance of weddings).  Hopefully, the stories will continue to be the same length (or longer); I don’t want the stories to become so short that the rewards come too frequently. And hopefully the weddings will become more plentiful.

Most of these ideas won’t work. Louise certainly won’t go along with me or the ideas. Maybe I could convince one of the kids to go along with one of the ideas (especially the bar), but that would be dereliction of duty on their part; they all have a lot on their plates. And, let’s face it; if I were to venture forth on an adventure by myself, I would miss my family and friends. So here I will stay, between jobs; the small spit of sand and scrub, only in my mind (and maybe, in reality, on select weeks during the winter months when we actually can venture forth to warmer climates; maybe even this year with our really good friends, Steve and Jenn).

the little man

Captain Robert Brown

PS: Recently, Louise got me a part-time job helping to manage condominium associations…what a surprise (said sarcastically); I knew I would not be “between jobs” for very long!

PPS: What does any of this have to do with boating or with chronicling nautical stuff?



  1. Nothing better than starting the morning with a good cup of coffee and a new Nautical Chronicles! Always a pleasant find in my email!! Lots to ponder in your newest musings!! Another great job…..I will help Louise with the interior design of all 28 condos…ahahahaha!! or perhaps at that bar!!

  2. For a person that doesn’t like changes?
    WOW! But you do keep life exciting!

  3. I do think you finally lost it

  4. I am so glad I didn’t read this post on the bus. Snorting in public so early in the morning is frowned upon.

    Come west, Captain. We have a very comfy guest bed. xoxo

  5. you crack me up.. I open your email first when they arrive, and wonder who will make the A list in the story. I hope you always have a bath tub for the big H, and, sitz baths are so in these days. I agree with you about being in bed. I make a lot of decisions while lying there. Such as, a new place to sell my items, a new closet in the attic, a new bathroom, repainting every room in the house, perhaps a new pet, but that would result in a divorce for sure.
    So good thinking is done in bed, alone. But don’t open your eyes, cuz weeza will know you are not asleep. thanks for an uplifting start to my day.

  6. Well you always got new Brown Land

  7. I’ll do the interior painting and help with the bar!

  8. Captain Bob,
    A very amusing Nautical Chronicle, even if the musing is somewhat landlocked!
    PS: At $ 350, you’ve got yourself a deal!

  9. Love the Chronicle, Captain Bob. Keep ’em coming!

  10. Nice read Bob…very nice read.
    You accomplish a great deal with your time..even with Louise “riding your back”. 🙂

    A bathtub for treating “hemorrhoids” using a sits-bath ?
    Why bother..Prep H works the bathtub needed.

    U2 enjoy your trip to FL!


    Bill D
    “Reel Pleasure”

  11. Sorry my email was down for a year, missed this one. And YOU forgot to mention the monkey wagon you worked on back in the day. Love from your little sis

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