Capt & 1st mate   Captain Robert Brown and his wife, and First Mate, Louise continue their boating adventures out of Cove Marina on the Merrimack River in Salisbury, Massachusetts.  They live, in the off season, by the sea, at North Beach in Hampton, New Hampshire.

In 2004, Bob successfully completed the U.S. Coast Guard examination and received his 50-ton Master’s license.  In 2009, his license was upgraded to 100-ton Master.  Since then, he has traveled the waterways from Ft. Lauderdale to Bar Harbor.

the little man  The “Little Man” represents not only how big the fish was that got away or how tall the tall tale is, but also how infinite our universe of opportunities is…

 “In order to write about life, first you must live it”; Ernest Hemingway.



  1. Hello Bob,

    My mom mentioned you had contacted her and I remember you well. Next time you get over the pond I have few stories of boating to tell as well. Interested in working on a house in the middle of nowhere in France? I could use the help.

    P. Cumler

  2. Hi Bob,

    Just discovered this. Pretty neat! See you at the marina.

    Dave Mitchell

  3. Bob/Louise, Been reading your stories/antics and thought I would just drop a line to you two, its been quite a while, have since relocated to Fl.

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