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Important Press Release

Alas dear reader, we know and have known them well…Peter and Mary.

We apologize for the lack of luster on the Nautical Chronicles website in the past months. Publishing endeavors have taken all of our spare time, (excepting the brief respite taken last week-end dancing and singing [et cetera] on “The Andrea Leigh” down at the docks).

And now, after months of extreme effort, under extreme circumstances, their stories (Peter and Marys’) as well as the other chronicles of boating antics HAS BEEN PUBLISHED!!


Nautical Chronicles The Book

Is available for purchase! Please help support your local, out-of-work, starving author (mostly for Louise’s sake) by purchasing a copy. The book is available for order, on-line from:

  • Amazon, new releases, paperback                    
  • Amazon, Kindle edition
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Barnes & Noble, Nook edition
  • Outskirts Press bookstore and an e-book edition

And maybe, just maybe, in the near future, Nautical Chronicles: Mariner Tales from the Sinking Boat will be available in paperback IN BOOKSTORES (we are not holding our breath)!

The suggested retail price is $14.95 for paperback, and $5.99 for the Kindle version, but as with most pricing these days, there are deep discounts available and “shopping around” is suggested.

Thanks, in advance, for helping out in this purely “for profit” adventure; as we’ve said before, nothing is so much fun as doing something for the first time!

     Captain Robert Brown

     First Mate Louise

Notes of interest: our Bose 151 outside speakers are back in service, thank goodness! And book signing dates are To Be Announced.

the little man



  1. Got it. Already had a near-miss involving laughter, hot coffee, and my nose. Keep the stories coming, Captain!

  2. Just ordered my copy. Can’t wait to continue reading more adventures! When’s the Book Signing Party????

  3. So excited about this, and so proud. Waiting for the audio book 😉
    Love, Betsy Lee

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