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Run To The Crescent

15 years ago, Louise and I, Paul and Debbie, Kenny and Julie took a trip up the mighty Merrimack River out of Newburyport, MA to the Crescent Yacht Club in Haverhill, MA…a journey of epic proportions, in rubber inflatable rafts, 13.5 miles.  We called it “The Run To The Crescent”.

                   Two original mates Two original captains

Somehow, this run has become an annual event; we go each year no-matter the weather.  It is now listed in the Newburyport Yankee Homecoming agenda of activities, being held on the last Saturday of each year’s Yankee Homecoming celebrations.  We began having T-shirts made several years ago, and have also, over the years, been able to make sizable contributions to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Of the original 6 founding fathers (and mothers), only 2 have made all 15 trips…Louise & Debbie.  Paul went hunting one year and missed the event; I needed to be in Ohio one year with  family and missed the event.

they made all 15 runs

Here’s what the event consists of:

  • Power-up the inflatable rafts & meet in the Merrimack River
  • Circle the rafts until all are present
  • Begin motoring up the river as a group (the group doesn’t  stay together long since there are many motors, many boats of different sizes and many different mentalities; but this is not a race!)
  • Stop along the way to wait for slower boats; also for photo ops, rest room breaks, and so on
  • If low tide, stop along the way for swimming & other antics
  • Arrive at the Crescent Yacht Club late, mid-morning
  • Two free drink coupons  and $1 hot dogs (Steve thinks they’re free); various types of activities (hula hoops, a new form of darts, announcements, catch up on events with friends, old & new, music…always music)
  • Begin the return trip just after noon with the same antics on the way back (and a few more stops; only three people have been lost overboard due to mismanagement of boat wakes on the return trip; only one injury requiring stitches occurred)
  • Arrive back at the various home ports in time for Yankee Homecoming celebrations, parties, fireworks, dancing and carrying-ons; staying awake is always a challenge

4th annual 5 boats 5th annual 9 boats 13 years of fun

here they come another big year 45 boats record set in 2011 53 boats

original ones 2 more original ones and the dinghys get bigger

the arrival more of the voyagers the end of the run



Captain Robert Brown

First Mate Louise

the little man



  1. These pictures take the chill out of the air on this cold January day..looking forward to this years RUN!

  2. Well its about Time we made one of the pics … 🙂 Love the Dinghy Race..
    and love all that comes with it.. !!

  3. Darn, I don’t have a dinghy 🙂 Love…

  4. Looks like great fun!!

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