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According to me, I’m retired.  According to Louise, I’m between jobs.  Of course she IS retired.  Anyway, I don’t think she is as positive as I am about my emerging boating career.  I’m pretty sure that all I need for abundant success in this field is to be positioned, physically, full-time in the British Virgin Islands (or at least in Ft. Lauderdale).  With the onslaught of grandchildren, however, I don’t think this is going to happen, soooo…

Wondering What Next

Here is my resume.  I’ve tried to make it “comprehensive” so that all my past initiatives are available for review; I wouldn’t want to miss any opportunities out there (as many of you may already know, I’ve had many “past initiatives”).  Please…keep me in mind if you see any appropriately favorable conditions which may require my assistance.

Robert H. Brown Jr.

Born 9/17/47; Newark, Ohio

          At 3, removed all wheels from baby carriage while crossing street; all fell off; life threatening

          At 5, removed parking brake from parent’s car while at grandparents, and shifted into neutral; on a hill, of course; rolled into street; mechanically inclined early-on (handy)

          At 6, best friend, Sara J. and I pooped in Dingledie’s barn together; same week as pulling up of shrubs in a neighbor’s yard; got caught; neighbor thought it was the work of “teenagers”; she was surprised to see me & my mother at the door to apologize

          At 9, got a BB gun for Christmas…self explanatory what happened to neighborhood birds; also, Doug R. and I were the Masked Avengers; dressed up in capes & masks & terrorized the small neighborhood children

          From 7-15, was in the Cub and Boy Scouts; never made Eagle; enough badges, but the wrong ones (a theme developing here); received God & Country Award, worked at World’s Fair; went to National Jamboree in Valley Forge; hiked parts of the Appalachian Trail

          At 10, worked for Wallace Brown Greeting Cards; sold door to door; also Fanny Farmer candy sold door to door; also Fuller Brush sold door to door

          At 11, had paper route; later took over 2nd route in nearby area (doubled Christmas tips!)

          At 12, started working for father building homes during time off & summers; continued doing this through college excepting 1966; at 19 worked for another contractor building grain storage elevators during the day and for Owens Corning  Tech Center in Granville, OH  at night pressing “A-pillars” for the Javelin automobile (was asked to be foreman of the project as it went into production at the main Owens Corning plant in Newark, OH)

          At 14 purchased a Sears Moped; driving equals freedom!

          High School: debate, tennis, cross-country, art club; learned to type!; just missed being an exchange student to France for a year; discovered girls; graduated

          At 16 got my learners permit & started driving real vehicles; license revoked 30 days later (for 30 days) for excessive speed (45 in a 30 zone); also started motorcycle gang with David M.; “Societies Children”; only 2 members; women were called “Societies Property”

          Parents gave me a Jeep, CJ-3B at 18; did a lot of off-road stuff; at Ohio University, we’d take it back to the abandoned coal mines & abandoned miner coal homes & have “Gin Jugs”; great parties! Record number of attendee’s was 65; that was the one when the local’s came out, fired a few shotgun blasts, and told us we did not have permission to be on this land…I told them we did, and used the land owners name; remainder of the party was tenuous at best

          At O.U. (’65-’69), studied Architecture for 3 semesters; aced all design courses & failed 5 hours of calculus each semester; barely stayed in; transferred to Journalism; graduated; secretary of Sigma Delta Chi, journalism society; worked part-time at Union Bar & Grill (no college affiliation)

          Attended Ohio State University; took courses for teaching certification

          Taught 6th grade in Licking County Ohio Schools from 1969-1971; fired by Superintendent (long hair, wide ties & wide collared shirts); petitioned by student’s parents, successfully, to be reinstated (my mother was then the school psychologist for the County schools, and my step-father was the assistant superintendent for all of the County schools! The local superintendent: what was he thinking); I had already been accepted in Maine to teach 6th grade there; packed up Jeep & headed on to New England…attended University of Maine in Farmington part-time; earned 7-year teaching certificate

          Teaching school, in Maine in 1972  was enough; accepted by Minuteman Council, BSA, for a position as District Scout Executive, for Belmont, Watertown and Waltham, MA.; during 3 year tenure, attended many camping outings; also directed 1,800-boy camp in New Hampshire (Camp Sachem); at 25, I was responsible for 17 camp staff, 1 chef, 2 maintenance and 8 weeks of campers; chef was a drunk, nature director was gay; rifle range was operated by quadriplegic; sailed a boat through the swimming area; staff got drunk the night of the dance with the girl’s camp; entire episode was life threatening

          Decided to go back to school, graduate work, in 1975, at Boston University; worked for friend’s father at Hospital Pharmacy in Worcester Square, South End of  Boston across from the entrance of Boston City Hospital; I was the soda jerk; that was the year they started the methadone clinic; every junkie in Boston hung out in our square; Sidney  (the owner) had a heart attack & I ran the store for several weeks; managed to collect $1,400 in parking tickets; came out of the store one day to watch my Jeep’s spare tire being rolled down the street by someone other than me

          Worked part-time as a karate instructor in a Kempo dojo in Chelsea (earned brown belt)

          Worked part-time as janitor at Northmeadow Tennis Club in Tewksbury, MA

          While at BU, met the President of Dynatech Corporation (evolving cryogenic technologies); tried, unsuccessfully, for 2 years to work with his company; too specialized for my background; studied Russian & German for a year in attempt to work with them overseas; represented Dynatech at conference of Russian physicians held at the Museum of Science in Boston; was offered position in Cayman Islands to start subsidiary to write off-shore contracts; one thing I didn’t do that I should have

          In 1976, began business career repossessing cars, boats & planes for Concord National Bank in New Hampshire; timing was good since I had now amassed $2,000 worth of parking tickets in Boston and had decided to leave the state

          Within 2 years, I was department manager; 5 collectors & we had farmed out all repos; also attended UNH, Durham for graduate credits in business administration

          In my third year of banking, I applied for, and got, a position as Commercial Lending Officer for Londonderry Bank & Trust; I had also built a home in Windham, NH, and owned two apartment buildings as well as 78 acres of land near Concord, NH; also played competitive racquetball obsessively

          At 33, I was Assistant Vice President of the bank, but ready to get out; fast track, but nowhere left to go; I went into partnership with a business I had met through banking, and became their Chief Financial Officer; invested heavily into company, personally & with friends; fired for “over stepping my authority” (a theme which would continue); sued them, successfully, to recover all investments

          At 35, sold all holdings & bought Shorwinds Motel at Hampton Beach…what a change! Owned & operated for nine years (longest I’ve held only one job)

          Also, received real estate brokers licenses for New Hampshire & Massachusetts; wheeling & dealing for the next 8-10 years;  Rand Investment Services, Rand Development Corp., Shorwinds Improvement Company, Shorwinds Real Estate; purchased 51% of stock in the company which had fired me; became CEO of Sports Media Displays, Inc.

          Sold all due to the real estate  recession of ’87; continued construction operations, my old stand-by (thank goodness my dad had taught me to be “handy”)

          Worked with the US Census Bureau for the 1990 census;  Team Leader

          Worked for Team Design as a consultant in 1990; also managed Nugent’s Liquors in Kenmore Square for 6 months in 1990-91

          Worked for UPS at Christmas of ’92; it was the 1st year they tried using bicycles with attached carts to deliver the extra packages (bicycles did not work well in the snow!)

          Worked three weeks in a factory in Amesbury cutting carbon impregnated Styrofoam used in manufacture of Stealth fighters (used to reduce radar signature of planes)

          An opportunity was presented (by a friend of a friend) to work for Shaw’s Supermarkets as a management trainee; started as Bakery trainee; made donuts & muffins; night baker; Keene, NH; needed apartment there due to odd hours; landlord was Munchie Zen; wife’s name was Sue (Zen);  horrible job; after 6 months, transferred to Londonderry, NH as fully trained Assistant Bakery Manager; just as bad…not for me; after 1 year I was done in & over baked

          At 47, back to construction where I have remained; worked for:

  • o   Self employed; helped remodel several homes
  • o   Worked two days for a cabinet company in Brentwood
  • o   CBM; helped build Mobil gas station in Hampton, NH
  • o   CPM Associates; traveled nationwide installing new factory outlet stores (Jones NY, Villeroy & Boch, some bra company…)
  • o   InterSpec Construction;  commercial finish carpentry; Field Superintendent; did several Shaw’s Supermarket renovations (ironically)  & new buildings for CM&B as a sub contractor; ISC became union contractor (all carpenters joined local unions)
  • o   CManagement; (owner closed InterSpec & started construction estimating software company for German outfit); marketing VP; went to Germany to see how they wanted company here set up; company out of business in one year (poor language translations from German to English).
  • o   ABM; started union finish carpentry division; placed carpenters to commercial jobs
  • o   CM&B; general contractor; field superintendent; supervised many types of general commercial construction including many Shaw’s Supermarket projects & buildings.
  • o   Continue to do various small “projects” for friends & relatives; work part-time at Cove Marina on an as-needed basis


          Met Louise in 1983; we’ve been together since; married in 1998; we are great together; how she puts up with the above stuff, I don’t know. Update: 2011:  we just had our 13th anniversary (28 years together…wow).

          3 step kids, Sean, Jennifer & Michael; all exceptional kids; also leading exciting, exceptional  lives

          At 50, acquired interest in boating; first boat was 21’; scared to death, but interest increased; after 1st year, got bigger boat; 27’; began longer voyages; not enough boat though; after 2nd year, got 34’ Sea Ray Express; traveled as far north as Mt. Dessert Island, Bar Harbor, Maine, and as far south as Hoboken, N J; too many adventures to list!

          At 56, acquired Master 50 ton Captain’s license needed to pursue boating commercially; could see myself running water taxi’s in Ft. Lauderdale and transporting boats for owners and dealers; Update 2010: at 61 upgraded Captain’s license to 100 ton Master

          June, 2004; Captain Paul & I picked up customer’s boat, 48’ Bertram, in Ft. Lauderdale, and returned  it to Scituate, MA; 1st paying customer since license

          Memorial Day Weekend, 2011; mate Jim & I delivered boat for customer from Merrimack River to New Bedford; 2nd paying customer since license (we’re not really making our fortune here, are we)

          Bare boat cruises in the BVI’s, 2004, 2006, 2008; 39” power cat; with Louise, Paul & Debbie.

          Bare boat cruise in South of France, 2011; 43’ canal boat; with Louise, Paul & Debbie

          While in banking, I got my Justice of the Peace & Notary licenses; have performed 12 weddings since then; Update: 2008: 2 more weddings; last one was as a captain, in uniform on Mudslide (their boat); Louise manned the helm while ceremony was performed on the deck  in waters off Hampton Beach

          Kids got me a karaoke machine for Christmas one year…nice; 2005 took a Royal Caribbean cruise in Mexico; did karaoke in front of 250 passengers (I have a picture!)…Jimmy Buffett, “Margaretville”…did not win!

          At 59 (July, 2007) we bought our retirement condo…a 46’ Post sport fishing boat (we don’t fish); what a life

          At 61, grandparents! Sean & Debbie had Kelsey Leigh…what a blast!

          At 62, grandparents again! Michael & Holley had Bryce Richard; what fun; who knew?

          At 64 grandparents again! Jennifer & Eddie had Ava Louise, and Sean & Debbie had the twins: Kaelyn Elizabeth & Liam Edward

          At 61, Louise is retired from teaching!!

          I, on the other hand, am older…but considering other avenues of earning a living …we’ll see


          Current deficiencies:

  • o   Cooking
  • o   I don’t do heights
  • o   Lifting very heavy objects

          The 5 things I love the most:

  • o   Louise
  • o   Family
  • o   A Party
  • o   When a plan comes together
  • o   Happy endings


It appears that I have had too many jobs, but no real careers. Keep me in mind if something should come up.  Louise thinks I should boil this resume down to a single page…How do I do that?

 Captain Bob Brown

the little man



  1. I love to read your stories and I loved your RESUME – I think you should write a book……your writing is so expressive and creative…you are truly gifted………………..

  2. aaahhhhh…good times….nippers and you building mobils!!!
    no way that can be condensed!! it is as concise as it can be!!

  3. Who knew????

  4. Hmm! lets look for something you havent mastered! Ah, I have it; Captian Bob for President.
    I think you have a perplexing connumdrum; All dressed up and no place to go!
    Bob, you have to ask yourself, do I have what it takes, one more throw of the dice and go for it; I’d back ya.
    Keep up the new’s, you do have a literary skill.

  5. What about the monkey wagon?

  6. Bob, just realized I am MUCH OLDER than you…2 days!!! Let’s hear it for the Virgos of the world. You are a man of many talents, and I love reading your stories. Keep them coming.

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