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Ah the stories

“Our stories will speak for themselves; our enjoyment, love and laughter are forever…”

Captain Robert Brown

First Mate Louise

the little man



  1. terrific!!! very fun to read…i could hear you telling the story, capt bob!!!
    i am glad you emphasized that louise is, in fact, younger than you!! 🙂

  2. Loved reading the blog. Bob, your “voice” comes through so much that by the end I felt that you were reading it to me! I am sooo happy for you and Louise. May the adventures keep coming!

  3. This is great, I actually chuckled while reading it. Please, don’t stop writing.
    Love you both, Betsy Lee

  4. Keep them coming Bob! I guess I just “assumed” that our trip to the Charles with ALL the rogue waves would of made your top 3 boating experiences! I know it made mine! lol xo

  5. A wounderful read and a kindel in all of us who share our lives with the Sea, loved one’s, family and friends!

  6. Hey Bob , You are not just an amazing Captain, but a terrific journalist as well!! Who would have Thunk!!!! I could feel your delight as you described your flirtateous adventures at sea ! After all “the first wonder of the world” (according to Wankasheek) is the OCEAN!!! Know that many more seabound adventures as in your horizon…… all will be smooth sailing with the Grace of God. With young Louise as First Mate….. you can’t loose!!!

    I may have come across an inaccurate recollection, however….. Did Paul really say “I’d rather have a ‘headache’ than own a Carver”????

    Please Bob and Louise keep this blog coming. Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it!

    Keep sailing, keep singing , keep writing!!!! Annette

  7. Oh Bob and Louise, how I love you so……
    I love the writing and the stories…..please keep writing more..
    I have been privy to some of your short stories, read by you Bob.
    They are the best. Please attach them to this blog.
    I cant wait to read about your cruise to Europe and more.
    Miss you both so much….. Victoria and Peter. ❤

  8. I always knew you were an amazing storyteller, but I did not know you were an accomplished writer!! I hope you have time during your trip to keep everyone posted. Have a fantastic time!!! Happy trails (or sails) to you, until we meet again…….

  9. Bob and Louise,
    This is so wonderful.
    Iam looking forward to more keep them coming.
    Miss you guys already.
    Love ,
    Victoria and Erik

  10. Hi Captain Bob and First Mate, Louise

    Paris awaits you with sights and smells that will be a feast for your senses!!! so they tell me. Make some adventures on the River. A daily report would be wonderful and enjoyed by all ! Best wishes for a well deserved Vacation.
    Love Annette

    • have a wonderful trip…..and ..please…keep us updated….some of us are living vicariously!!!

  11. Entertaining read …… can’t wait for the updates from France. What do they call french toast in France … toast? Find out and let us know.
    Love Kevin & Connie

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